Notion Notes Manager

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Let your notes match how you think.

Other note managers force you to organize all your notes only logically: One notebook contains one section which contains one note.

Logical, but unrealistic.

Not all types of notes require a library-style organization.

Use the Notion Notes Manager to organize your notes organically instead using association rather than creation sequence. Quite literally an amalgamation of inspirations from OneNote, Evernote, and Obsidian / Roam Research.

What you'll get

  • A notes manager that builds on top of the classic library-style organization with different systems and built-in tactics for note organization that matches how the brain works
  • Multiple Notion tips and tutorial clips within the template to aid newer users

The features for organic note organization

  • Four Note Hierarchies — All kinds of notes are ranked in four different relation systems
    • 🟡 Grand Hierarchy
      • Just like OneNote
      • For logical organization
      • Uses curriculum-inspired, library organization
    • ⚫ Parent-Child Hierarchy
      • For the collection of all sub-notes
    • 🟢 Roaming Notes Hierarchy
      • Inspired by Obsidian / Roam Research
      • For your interconnected brainstorming
      • A simple zettelkasten in Notion
    • 🔵 Support Notes Hierarchy
      • Just like Evernote
      • For more actions around a note
      • Available as meeting, idea, classic or scratch notes
  • The Chair
    • For notes in the middle ground of finished and unfinished work
    • Inspired by The Chair at home: for clothes too dirty for the closet, but too clean for the laundry
  • The DIY Workspace
    • Everybody has a workspace that fits only them, so in this template there's a space where you're encouraged to make entirely your own — copy, delete, modify — it's all up to you


  • What is Notion?

Notion is a very flexible productivity and note-taking web app. Notion is a like a virtual productivity sandbox, allowing users to build a workspace that suits their needs: to-do lists, notes manager, trackers, planners, etc.

  • What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is a pre-built page or set of pages within Notion that can be duplicated by other users into their own workspace.

  • Is Notion free?

Notion offers a free plan for users.

  • Does this template work on a free plan?

Yes. This template offers no difference among free and premium users.

  • I want to get Notion Plus for free. How do I do this?

For students and educators, Notion Plus is free! Head over to the official Notion help section for more information.

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You'll get the Notion Notes Manager.

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Notion Notes Manager

32 ratings
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