Notion Task Manager

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⚠️ As of December 4, 2023, Notion has removed a key feature this template relies on. This renders key parts of this template dysfunctional.

Major Rework upcoming: Dec 9, 2023

Beat procrastination today.

Procrastinating too often? No motivation to complete your tasks on time?

Use this Notion Anti-Procrastination Task Manager to help keep you on track!

What you'll get

  • A task manager with several anti-procrastination features to help prevent you from delaying your tasks

The anti-procrastination features

  • Task Difficulty Levels — tasks are categorized by shape icons so your brain won't get lost even in a low focus day
  • Core Tasks Counter — for a rewarding feeling of accomplishment per major task completed
  • 5 Stages of Task Grief — the longer you leave your tasks undone, the further into the 5 stages of grief they go:
    • 🫥 Denial
    • 😡 Anger
    • 🥺 Bargaining
    • 😭 Depression
    • 🌚 Acceptance


  • What is Notion?

Notion is a very flexible productivity and note-taking web app. Notion is a like a virtual productivity sandbox, allowing users to build a workspace that suits their needs: to-do lists, notes manager, trackers, planners, etc.

  • What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is a pre-built page or set of pages within Notion that can be duplicated by other users into their own workspace.

  • Is Notion free?

Notion offers a free plan for users.

  • Does this template work on a free plan?

Yes. This template offers no difference among free and premium users.

  • I want to get Notion Plus for free. How do I do this?

For students and educators, Notion Plus is free! Head over to the official Notion help section for more information.

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You'll get the Notion Anti-Procrastination Task Manager.

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Notion Task Manager

34 ratings
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