Ultimate Notion Stoic Calendar

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99% of people are don't have a sense of purpose.

So they end up wasting their lives:

  • Endless doomscrolling
  • "Wantrepreneurship"
  • YouTube shorts, Tiktok, Reels

Our ancestors had it easy.

  • There's no depression when you need to hunt your next meal.
  • Nobody is numb when you're life is on the line.

Use the Ultimate Stoic Calendar to turn back time.

It's a sense of purpose simulator with everything important to you on the line.

The Ultimate Stoic Calendar is a reimagination of the classic Stoic calendar.

It is a combination of all the four variants of the Stoic Calendar Collection, a constant reminder of the weight of marching time: on your dreams, health, relationships, and your life.

This calendar is the reimagination of the Stoic calendar inspired by the ancient principle of Memento Mori from Stoic philosophy. Memento Mori is a Latin phrase which means “remember death” or “thou shalt remember to die”.

"All organizations start with WHY, but only the great ones keep their WHY clear year after year.”
― Simon Sinek, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

What's inside

Set your life in order with a complete view of your entire lifespan

How will your life play out? Take advantage of decades of service in one template.

The default lifespan this template uses is 90 years. You can customize this to your liking by adding or removing entries in the To dust I shall return database.

Everything in one Notion template

Find all the Notion templates in the Reimagined Stoic Calendar Collection combined as one system in one Notion template. Secure the life you want in all domains.

Fully-automated stoic calendar with four different views in one template

No need to manually tick boxes. This is a fully-automated stoic calendar in Notion with each white square turning black every week.

Create your list of prophecies

Determine your prophecies: use the default, disable what isn't for you, and write your own. Use this space to experiment with the future.

Don't care about some fates? Just disable them (powered by Notion automations). ◦ Feel free to change the fates and ages according to your own circumstances.

Plan the rest of your life

Imagine what your life will be like one year, ten years, and decades beyond today. Use this to plan ahead with the time limit per age in mind in the original table-Kanban board hybrid view.

Four views are available: Full, Focus (custom year selection), Auto-scroll (years seen are based on custom lower and upper ranges and shift as the years pass by), and Bookmarked (for specifically chosen years).

Challenge the fates

Set your goals on certainty. Challenge the disease and frailness fates that will without a doubt occur if you do nothing about them.

Three fate challenge options are available: Pass this Trial, Deny this Tragedy, and Spend Time Fully. In turn, the victory and failure result options for the fates match these fate options.

Define your why

Write into being your ideals and reasons. Let your sense of purpose set the foundations of your discipline.

What you'll get

  • The Notion Ultimate Stoic Calendar, which is an ecosystem of all the templates in the Reimagined Stoic Calendar Collection in one Notion template:
    • Notion Stoic Calendar;
    • Notion Life Story Calendar;
    • Notion Health Calendar; and
    • Notion Lonely Calendar
  • An icon pack of all off-Notion icons used in the template in all of Notion's official colors (total of 176 icons) in PNG and SVG
  • A ZIP file containing all Notion people art used in this template
  • A bonus aesthetic options page with Stoicism-related classical paintings as design elements for the template

The Concept Design

Lack direction and purpose?

Let's use what you instinctively cannot tolerate to give you motivation, purpose, and structure.

All stoic calendar reimaginations act as a framework, in other words mental braces, for people with no sense of direction in life by putting up in their face abhorrent fates that they instinctually cannot tolerate and that will without a doubt occur if they do nothing about them.

The ancient stoic calendar is inspired by the ancient Stoic principle of Memento Mori, which roughly translates to "remember death".

The mechanism of how the original stoic calendar works was deconstructed and reverse engineered to make a sense of purpose simulator that works in a modern world.

The original stoic calendar is a mortality reminder.

But since people today are too numbed in comfort that impending death is not feared anymore, what is needed is to use other ultimate, unavoidable and non-negotiable consequences of inaction:

  • Missing out on social rites of passage (Life Story Calendar);
  • Diseases and health time limits (Health Calendar); and
  • The deaths of and limited times with their loved ones (Lonely Calendar).

The brutality of the concept design is as intended as a regretful life is severe.


  • What is Notion?

Notion is a very flexible productivity and note-taking web app. Notion is a like a virtual productivity sandbox, allowing users to build a workspace that suits their needs: to-do lists, notes manager, trackers, planners, etc.

  • What is a Notion template?

A Notion template is a pre-built page or set of pages within Notion that can be duplicated by other users into their own workspace.

  • Is Notion free?

Notion offers a free plan for users.

  • Does this template work on a free plan?

Yes. This template offers no difference among free and premium users.

  • I want to get Notion Plus for free. How do I do this?

For students and educators, Notion Plus is free! Head over to the official Notion help section for more information.

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Ultimate Notion Stoic Calendar

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